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There are few things in life as satisfying as a dish of ice cream. Whether you enjoy classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate or prefer something more adventurous, Ice cream is always a treat. If you're looking for the best ice cream in Fountain Valley, you need to look no further than the Atomic Creamery. With so many delicious options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. The atomic creamery is the best place to get your fix of icy goodness in Fountain Valley. So what are you waiting for?

Stop by today and indulge in a delicious treat!

How We Became One of the Best Ice Cream Places in Orange County, CA

We take ingredient sourcing seriously and choose them based on quantity and taste. It should fit our vision and mission to keep fresh, unique, and premium ingredients. We are veteran-owned and operated; we continue to be active in our community and support youth sporting programs and local schools and businesses. We take pride in our unique process of making ice cream by selecting natural, locally sourced ingredients. Our customer experience is equally vital to the taste and quality of our products. We want you to have the best experience!

What Makes Atomic Creamery Unique?

  • We strive to use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients. That’s what gives our ice cream its one of a kind flavor!
  • We don't use stabilizers, artificial flavors, colors, and absolutely no emulsifiers.
  • Making our ice cream includes liquid nitrogen, which allows us to control and overrun the air trapped in the ice cream. Which makes for better-tasting ice cream
  • Our organic five-ingredient dairy base provides our product with a rich, milky and creamy texture that we all know and love.
  • Our ice cream is presented in its truest form, simple, natural, with flavor from real ingredients, not syrups.

We even provide dairy free alternatives to serve our ever growing and diverse community!

Ice Cream Deliveries To Los Angeles (LA) and Orange County (OC) on Thursdays!

If you're an ice cream lover, you'll be excited to know that we offer delivery on Thursdays! We've got you covered whether you want a classic flavor like vanilla or something more adventurous like rocky road. Plus, our delivery service is available for both small and large orders. So what are you waiting for? Order your ice cream today!

Choose Our Catering Services In Fountain Valley, CA To Make Your Next Event Au-Mazing

Events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, and other gatherings should be planned with taste, tradition observance, and your own creative vision. Since everyone enjoys ice cream, you may hire ice cream catering to do this for you if you're organizing an event and need to provide some delectable treats to your guests. Use our Fountain Valley ice cream catering services to increase the pleasure and excitement of your event.

You may organize events and have a fantastic time with a wide variety of ice cream flavors and superb hosting. By using our family-sized to-go containers, you can carry your favorite simple cremations and classic tastes with you. We'll send you off with plenty of cups, spoons, and napkins, and the container we use will keep your order frozen and fresh for up to six hours. Visit the Atomic Creamery location that is most convenient for you to learn more about our catering services for events in Fountain Valley, California, or get in touch with us at any time.

You Can Find Us In the Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach!

If you're looking for delicious ice cream or shakes, look no further than our shop at Fashion Island Shopping Center! We have all of your favorite flavors, plus some unique flavors that you're sure to love. And if you have any questions or need help choosing a flavor, our friendly staff is always happy to assist. So come by today and enjoy a refreshing treat! We know you won't be disappointed!

Find our store in the Fashion Island shopping center next to Blaze Pizza

Our address is:

  • 1095 Newport Center Dr
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660

Or reach us by phone by calling (949) 630-5884!

We want to express our appreciation for your patronage. Thank you for making us one of the most popular establishments. We are proud to serve our valued customers and look forward to continued success in the future. We hope you will visit us soon. Thank you again for your support.