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We Love Ice Cream!

the coolest kids
on the block

Veteran Owned and Operated, Atomic Creamery is Southern California Best purveyor of Fresh Made To Order ice cream, flash frozen with Liquid Nitrogen before your eyes. We hand select ingredients, try to stay local or niche to our flavor profile. The best part is what we don’t put into our ice cream. We add NO stabilizers, carrageenan, gums, corn syrup, or any artificial flavors or colors. We use only freshest ingredients to create premium desserts right before your eyes. Every dairy-full flavors begins with Straus Family four ingredient organic ice cream base.

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customer obsessions

Comforting classics perfect for cozying up with right now

House Organic Dairy Base with a smidge of Ghiradelli Vanilla, chards of dark and milk chocolate and imported Italian Luxardo Cherries.

“Cherry ice cream designed for the bourgeois.”

Organic Dairy Base, real Peanut butter, Reeses Pieces, Crushed Reeses Cups topped with Ganache

“A world where only peanut butter exists”

Vanilla Base, Strawberry or Seasonal Puree, Seasonal Fruit, Halal Marshmallows, Oreos Topped with Oreo, Marshmallow Drizzle and Seasonal fruit

“An experiment done so right.”

Create the
perfect gift

Make the ice cream version of your favorite playlist. Shop by flavor to personalize your gift.

find the perfect gift

you got mail…is now you got ice cream

tesr  We Guarantee your package to arrive burrr(e) frozen.

pack   Pints arrive in our custom bright blue box with a handle and an insulated cooler inside with enough dry ice to keep burrr(e) cold for up to 72 hours( tested on the porch of an Atlanta home in the dead of summer).

Shipping Rates are currently priced by region nationwide. Currently only available to ship 6-9 pints for shipping. Spring 2023 roll out 3-5 pint option.

social   Want to receive a discount on future orders? Post a Tiktok or Instagram unboxing, tag us and we will send you a significant discount (maybe even free shipping).

Pints are made fresh when you order, hand packed and packaged day of shipping. You will never receive a pint that has been collecting frost bite.

the gift that won’t melt

Give your employees, vendors, clients and everyone the gift that melt their hearts not on their doorstep

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