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Sorry, we are not currently franchised. We own and operate one flagship location currently. While there are plenty of great franchised businesses out there, we are navigating which model would allow us to maintain control and quality of our products and services. Believe it or not we love the day-to-day work of what we do in the kitchen and behind the counter.

You can find our pints in store, via our website for curbside and local delivery, and online for nationwide shipping, We are working on retail placement at specialty and bakeries to begin and currently discussing with a local movie theater. Stay Tuned!

We currently only offer 2 Day Air shipping in the United States based on the zip code of your shipping destination. In State California and some western region states we can offer ground services knowing packages arrive generally within a 24-48 hour window.

You can order as little as 6 pints and beginning in 2023 add up to 3 additional for a total of 9 pints—and you still pay the same price per delivery. Later in 2023 we will offer an atomic box ( did you catch that ) 3-5 pints a flight of pints to test us out.

We will ship your order as soon as possible and your account will be updated via email with tracking information as soon as the status of your order changes.

Frozen goods shipped via 2 Day-Air shipping arrive 1 to 2 days after being shipped, depending on the shipping destination.

All sales are final. If your ice cream doesn’t arrive perfectly frozen, we’ll reship the order at our cost. Need customer service? Contact

Yes, many of our ice creams, moo-less options and inclusions are gluten-free. Check flavor profiles for the Gluten Free Symbol for tons of great option. You can always leave us a message and request gluten options as well.

Yeah!! We have an entire line of dairy-free flavors we refer too as moo-less.  You can find them in the Moo-less section


While we are not certified Kosher, but working on that. We keep kosher and our products we use are kosher from our dairy KSA to our butter and non dairy moo-less and our halal marshmallows.

We make every flavor in a kitchen that also produces products that contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. However, we follow impeccable processes and organize our cooking and production to go from the least number of allergens to most, and always wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment between large production. Our dry ingredients are also separated so remove cross contamination.

You can also leave us a note and because we make our product fresh in small batches and hand pack pints we have specifically marked machine and utensils that are nut free and we can take further measures to prevent any cross contamination.

I mean that’s a great question and It’s best to eat the ice cream within 5-7 days after you’ve opened the pint ( if it lasts that long).  Pro-tip: putting parchment paper against the ice cream in an opened pint prevents an ice layer from forming atop the ice cream.

We don’t have a microwave in our kitchen and thus we ask that you refrain from microwaving our creativity and hardwork.  You are going to temper the pint and practice patience. Place the pint or pints you desire in the refrigeratoe : allow them to rest for 10 minutes or until you can just slightly squeeze them. Enjoy!!


We ship our pints in an insulated styrofoam cooler inside our distinctly bright blue shipping box with enough dry ice to keep the contents perfectly frozen for top to 72 hours ( tested in the mid of summer on a porch in Atlanta GA). The interior of our cooler should be about -109.3°F for majority of the transit. We also have Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP) with UPS that require our boxes to pass through Air Hubs with cold storage.

We currently only ship via 2-DAY AIR shipping in the United States based on the zip code of your shipping destination. Shipping rates range from $12 – $50 depending on how far it has to travel.  In state California and Regional Western States we are able to ship via ground due to the reliability of delivery being within 24-48 hours.

We ship to all 50 United States, Hawaii, Alaska and the District of Columbia, via UPS.

We do not ship internationally at this time, but currently testing shipping to Germany and the Middle East. Stay Tuned

Our ice cream will arrive Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Saturday delivery on occasion where Saturday delivery is required and available.

Yes, there’s currently a six pint minimum per order. However, with our shipping rates finally stablized we are going to begin allowing you to order up to 9 pints. Shipping will remain the  same price to ship whether it’s 6 pints or 9. Also, any item other than our frozen goods ship free! So let’s purchase some merchandise!

You’ll receive an email notification with tracking number when your order ships. You can track shipping updates and status.

At checkout, you will receive a thank you message with a brief description of our shipping proptocols and estimate of when your package will be delivered (we cannot guarantee a specific day due to the production acepect). We will ship your order as soon as possible and your account will be updated via email with tracking information as soon as the status of your order changes from awaiting processing, to processing to shipped.

We ship Monday through Thursday and our packages are delivered Tuesday through Saturday—depending on the shipping destination, shipping method, and day and time of scheduled delivery once in the shipping protocol. (We don’t have ability to deliver on Sunday or Monday due t perishable contents)


We don’t include receipts, pricing information, or payment details in shipments.

Yes. At checkout, there’s a “gift message”  block. Type the message you’d like to include with your gift and we’ll hand print the note for you on the flavor profile insert along with an xoxo Atomic!

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