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We are ice cream catering experts!

We love to cater events, whether it is a birthday party, life celebration, weddings, corporate event or festival. We have a catering option that works for any size group or event. From DIY (Do It Yourself) Catering, where you pick up ice cream at our store with everything you need and serve your guests. To full service catering, featuring a fully staffed 1959 Airstream ice cream dream machine. We even offer in-store birthday parties to help you celebrate with minimal preparation.

Whatever the event, we are able to serve you and your guests like no other.

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We would love to bring the Atomic Creamery vintage Airstream to your next event.

We have converted a 16ft 1958 Airstream into a one of a kind ice cream bar. It is classic and nostalgic and sure to make your event unforgettable. Your guests will have huge smiles on their faces when they bite into delicious & creamy all natural ice cream served up by one of our trained nitroteers.

Contact us using the form and we will create a custom quote for your event. We look forward to bringing Atomic Creamery to you and your guests.

Husband in Tan Tuxedo and Wife in Wedding Dress Kissing in front of Atomic Creamery Ice Cream Catering Airstream, Southern California Wedding Catering
Golf Tournament
Man Handing Atomic Creamery Ice Cream to Woman in Newport Beach From Airstream
Just Married Banner Across Atomic Creamery Ice Cream Catering Airstream
Atomic Creamery Ice Cream Catering Airstream, Guest Ready to Order during Sunset at Beach, Orange County
Happy Couple Eating Ice Cream In Front Of Atomic Creamery Ice Cream Catering Airstream
Atomic Creamery Ice Cream Catering Airstream, Neighborhood Birthday Party, Staff Handing Ice Cream Cone to Smiling Mother in Denim Jacket and Daughter in Pink Dress
Atomic Creamery Ice Cream Catering Airstream, Staff Handing Milkshake to Guest, Long Line of Guests at Sunset on Beach, Southern California, White Bistro Lights