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We Love Ice Cream!

Atomic is a modern American ice cream company dedicated to creating the finest ice creams not only in Southern California but also across the United States and around the world. Founded in Newport Beach, CA, by retired Navy SEAL (SOC) Josh Leasure and his wife, Kari, along with their business partner and family friend, serial entrepreneur Ernest Jacquet, Atomic has made a mark in the mainstream market as a disruptor of traditional ice cream norms. As we look ahead, Kari, Josh, and Ernest are committed to crafting unique, one-of-a-kind flavors, elevating nostalgic and classic favorites beyond the current market offerings, and establishing Atomic as a household brand.


At Atomic, we take ice cream to the next level. Our flavors are born from nostalgic inspirations, rethought ingredients, and new flavor profiles that surprise and delight. What sets our ice creams apart is their distinguishable smooth texture and density, accompanied by vibrant flavors and a clean finish. Each creation draws inspiration from our travels, our diverse ethnicity, our curiosities, local cultures, pop culture, and reimagined nostalgia—resulting in flavors you won’t find anywhere else.


Kari’s ice cream-making journey began in early 2017 when what started as a passive investment turned into a daily passion from LaJolla (San Diego) to Tustin (Orange County). Growing up in a large Eastern European Jewish family, Kari was no stranger to cooking and flavor profiles, igniting her love for food. Combining her world travels, childhood sweet memories, and personal tastes, she crafted a menu that was tangible, nostalgic, and incredibly delicious. She skillfully blended her favorite foreign flavors from Eastern Europe and the Middle East with the ancient art of ice cream-making, alongside American classics like Cookies n Cream and her unique Halvah flavor. The ice creams were meticulously presented, evoking the spirit of a James Beard or Michelin star contender, where presentation was as essential as the flavor profile itself.


In late January 2018, Atomic Creamery officially opened its doors at the renowned Fashion Island center in Newport Beach, CA—the first modern luxury shopping center in the United States. Leading up to the opening of the 500 sq ft store, Kari fine-tuned her recipes, making ice cream to order and allowing customers to create their own unique combinations. It was during this time that signature flavors like Owen Experiment, 7th Inning Stretch, Chocolate Cubed, and the Gramhattan Project came to life.

In 2019, Kari, Josh, and Ernest introduced their first sit-in scoop shoppe—a delightful throwback to the 1950s diner experience. The shoppe exclusively offers fresh-made-to-order
ice cream, milkshakes, and floats, with everything carefully crafted by hand.


The year 2020 brought about a tumultuous period, causing many small businesses to face significant challenges. In early January 2020, Josh’s foresight and military experience led them to implement a contingency plan to make ice cream accessible to consumers during potential lockdowns. Thanks to this swift action, Atomic was able to remain open and serve customers after the Global Pandemic Declaration in March 2020. Kari and Josh initiated door-to-door deliveries in Orange County, which eventually expanded to Los Angeles. By the end of summer, they were delivering 40-60 pints of ice cream daily, with an impressive 250 pints delivered on Easter to 52 stops in just 11 hours. The dedication to growth continued with nationwide shipping, securing a box manufacturer during the height of the pandemic, and providing corporate gifting and catering services. This unwavering commitment to service remains ingrained in Atomic’s ethos.


Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Atomic added another unique dimension to their offerings—a vintage 1959 Airstream travel trailer. With careful attention to detail, this charming Airstream became an extension of the shoppe, bringing smiles and fresh ice cream to customers in a nostalgic and unforgettable manner. Simple, genuine, and true to the core principles of Atomic, the Airstream represents the heart of the ice cream experience.


Kari’s dedication to serving ice cream made from the best ingredients is unwavering. Atomic’s ice creams are free from any hard-to-pronounce additives. Kari sources the best ingredients from producers and growers who excel in their craft. From the family-run Straus Dairy’s 4-ingredient ice cream base to fresh strawberries from Manassero Farms, Ghirardelli chocolate, imported Madagascar vanilla from Nielsen Massey, Lebanese Halvah, Sahlap from Ramallah and Turkey, and Louisiana-grown Cafe Du Monde coffee—every ice cream boasts full flavor and an ultra-smooth, dense texture that you won’t find anywhere else.


We take immense pride in being a Veteran-Owned, woman-led business. From our single scoop shoppe and online shoppe, shipping to all 50 states (including Hawaii and Alaska), to corporate gifting and offsite catering, our team of 15 dedicated individuals is committed to serving our customers the freshest and most delicious ice cream possible.


At Atomic, we believe in the strength of diversity and tenacity within our staff. We are not like other companies; we hire young, impressionable first-time job seekers and empower them with knowledge, allowing them to grow alongside our product. We are creating a family of ice cream connoisseurs. If you’re ready to bring your ice cream daydreams to life, join our team today!

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