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Ice Cream You Won’t Forget!


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Organic Dairy Base, real Peanut butter, Reeses Pieces, Crushed Reeses Cups topped with Ganache

An ode to one of our favorite MUMs, their alma mater Ohio State and the Buckeye candy (Ohio, for those unaware and all you Michigan Fans). Designed to look like a nut from a buckeye tree, the Buckeye candy are little balls of creamy chocolate covered rich peanut butter balls.

We deconstructed and reimagined the Buckeye using a mildly salted Peanut Butter blended with our organic base; we then load the ice cream with crushed putter butter cups and Reese's pieces, finally topping it with a chocolate ganache to create a hardened shell that gives the illusion of a large Buckeye.

"A world where only peanut butter exists."

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