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Ice Cream You Won’t Forget!

BEAN MI (coffee)

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Brand: Atomic Creamery

Organic Dairy Base, Cold Brew Cafe du Mond Coffee + Lechera

New Orleans staple meets a Vietnamese classic... just enough 'but first coffee' with the right amount of sweetness. That rich, earthy aroma of carefully blended coffee with chicory is exactly how this flavor tastes. We capture that taste, the scent and all that Cafe Du Monde has to offer by by cold brewing fresh grounds for 24 hours—we then blend our cold brew coffee with a mix of vanilla blended base and regular base with allow it to cold brew for another 4-6 hours—right into the dairy. (Making this one of longest flavors to create) It’s the only way we will ever do flavor .... There is no better coffee ice cream in the world; we change the coffee but the process will always remain.

"Your morning cup of coffee in ice cream form."

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