We Host Great Parties!


We really do…

If you are looking to throw an office party, birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, retirement party, any type of party, we know how to host great parties. And lets be honest, what is better than an ice cream party?


  • Specialized Menu for event (3 menus to choose from)

  • Birthday Bomb plate that feeds 8-10 with Candle (Each guest will receive a single portion)

  • Two hour reserved table space with red carpet

  • Personal Party host/hostess

  • Personalized Invitations (printing extra)

  • Decorative Balloons

  • 1 Water Bottles per guest (soda extra)

  • Photo Nooks set up with Selfie Props

  • Personalized Table-toppers

  • Tablecloths and Plate-ware

Download our Birthday Party form here or email us at icecream@atomiccreamery.com for more info.